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Southwest Montana Lewis & Clark
Bicentennial Committee Meeting Minutes
Dillon, Montana
December 19, 2002

The meeting was called to order by Cameron Clark at 11:00 AM at Las Carmelitas in Dillon. Those in attendance: Wally Madsen, Judy Siring, Frank Mastandrea, JoAnn Juliano, Jim Boetticher, Kit Mather, J. T. Smith, Katie Bump, Cameron Clark, Judie Tilman

Old Business:

Poster Contest - 50 folders containing the information on the contest are being distributed to schools within the area. BLM supplied the folders. Judy Siring gave the information to the Superintendent of Schools in Beaverhead County and Cameron has distributed to Schools in Cardwell, Whitehall, and Twin Bridges.

The budget for the project from the Forest Service grant is $600 for supplies. Anticipate buying certificates, rosette ribbons, prizes and mounting materials for the winning posters. !st, place prizes will be a savings bond. Judy S. will investigate costs. The Camp Fortunate Chapter is planning to have a reception for the winners and there will be a traveling display that can go to the various communities. Certificates and pins will be given to all participants. National Park Service will donate the pins.

All posters must be turned into Judy S. or Cameron by January 23, 2003. Judges to be announced, but if you are interested in judging, let Judy S. know.

Passports: JoAnn stated that Art Craft Printers will give us the same number of passports (10,000) as we had in 2002 for the same price ($5,608). This is a 64 page booklet. The problem is getting the ads sold. Jim Boetticher said he would like to be in charge of selling the ads. The committee approved paying him 20% of the ads he sells. This is the same percentage as paid last year. Prices for the ads will stay the same. JoAnn will work closely with Jim to ensure he knows the number of ads, prices, etc. We may need to add some communities to the list.

Partnerships with Native American Groups: Cameron reported that he has meet with the Extension Agent in Browning. The idea he has is to bring in Native Americans to develop school enrichment programs either during school or as after school programs. The Native American story is a key element in the Lewis & Clark story and we need to work to get that story told. Katie suggested meeting with the CSK Tribe representative and mentioned also that Steve Morehouse has made good contacts with Shoshone Tribe. Important to work with established tribal councils.

New Business:

Approval of Travel funds for Judy Siring: Request is to approve $614 from the MT Bicentennial O&P Grant for Judy Siring to attend the L&C Bicentennial Kick-off in Monticello on January 18, 2003. The conference registration is $225 and the airfare roughly $500. Judy will have to pay the balance of the costs. She stated that she will make a presentation when she returns and will have pictures. She will also make daily reports to the radio station and will work at the Montana booth as needed. JoAnn made the motion to approve the expenditure of $614 to assist with Judyís travel expenses. Jim Boetticher seconded. Approved. Both Katie (representing the USFS) and Judy will be in attendance at this National event.

MTRI Proposal: Judie Tilman reported that we have requested to be included in MTRIís NPS proposal for interpretive signs. If funded we could receive funding to help with six signs throughout the tri-county region. Camp Fortunate Trail Heritage Chapter agreed to put up $2,000 cash for a portion of the necessary match. Other match would be in-kind contributions. Bill Kolar has volunteered to be the lead person on the project if it is funded. Bill has considerable experience with interpretative signage and we appreciate his willingness to chair this project.

Report from Bill Kolar on project to identify landowners along Trail in Beaverhead County: The National Trail Heritage Foundation has a project to identify campsites on private grounds along the Trail. Bill Kolar agreed to inventory sites, identify landowners, and contact landowners. He first contacted Bill Bergantino at MT Tech who has plotted the approximate latitude and longitude of each campsite. With this information Bill could determine the legal description and then obtain the ownership record. He was able to contact 16 owners and obtained a picture of their site. From Twin Bridges to Horse Prairie there are 23 sites only 3 on public ground. Owners were asked if they would let public on their property. A few (3) said yes but for most the property is a working ranch and they prefer to keep site locations quiet. Bill does not know if anyone has done this work from Twin Bridges to the Headwaters State Park. Interestingly, only 4 of the 16 did not know they had a L&C campsite on their property.

Bicentennial Grant Applications: Wally explained JVPís plans to submit a grant for the sound system and lighting at the amphitheatre.

Judy Siring and Frank Mastandrea gave a report on Beaverhead Countyís plans. Beaverhead County plans to submit two grant applications. The first to make the restrooms at the Beaverhead Co. Fairgrounds handicapped accessible.. Dillon has been designated as one of the stops for Corps II and the they will be located at the Fairgrounds. The Second application is for the Interagency Travel Center, which will be a multi-purpose building housing a Camp Fortunate Interpretive Center along with other federal, and local agencies.

Cameron indicated that Madison County will probably move forward with an application for the planned interpretive park at the Fairgrounds in Twin Bridges.

Judie Tilman stated that Headwaters will reapply for a continuation of the Operations and Management Grant to fund this committee and pay for the members travel. The amount available is $2,000.

Judy Siring made a motion to support these grants and for Cameron to forward letters of support to those writing the grants so that they could be included in the grant packages. Jim Boetticher seconded. Approved.

Other: It was pointed out that we need to have the Commissioners in Madison County appoint a person to replace Deb Bradley and Jefferson County Commissioners need to replace Scott Mendenhall. Cameron will work to find replacements.

Next Meeting: Possibly in Twin Bridges on the 10th of Feb. We will let everyone know exact time and location.



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