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Upper Missouri Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
January 26, 2004

Meeting called to order by Chairman Kubick at 7:00 p.m.

Members present: Kubick, England, Goldhahn, Stensland, Parchen, Doerk, Fisher. Absent: Roehn, Shield. Others present: Weber, Bourne, Sepich

  1. Minutes
    Kubick read letter from Blackwood referencing our November minutes which stated the Legacy Campaign was dissolving. Blackwood letter stated that was incorrect – that the campaign was going through “a transition whereby the campaign will have a very strong regional focus….”

    Doerk made a motion to approve the December 15, 2003 minutes, seconded by Parchen. Approved 7-0.

  2. Treasurer’s Report (attached)
    Year to date, we have received $6000 in revenue and have expenditures of $4511.28, as positive $1,488.72. Current balance in our account is $6076.87.

    Doerk made a motion, Goldhahn seconded to accept report. Approved 7-0.

  3. Status Report
    1. National, State, EBS: Bourne reported that a mandatory meeting was held on January 16 & 17 for all signature event coordinators. Purpose was debriefing of Louisville and to remind coordinators of their responsibilities. She reported the debriefing was “soft”; there attendance was estimated at 30,000-100,000. Signature Events are not marketing. EBS has a $400,000 marketing plan. National Council reminded coordinators that events are responsible to pay tribes to participate; host National VIP events; and host National meetings. EBS has a $3 million budget, including 10% contingency, 10% marketing and 10% office/administration. It is proposed to raise $1.2 million from ticketed events. Grants/Merchandising should raise $800,000-$900,000. Remainder ($1 million) needs to come from sponsors. Fund raising needs to raise $4 million ($3 Million Interpretive Center and $1 Million EBS). Legacy Campaign was to raise $2 Million; now it is our responsibility. Lewis & Clark Foundation, Legacy Campaign and EBS Financial Committee have joined forces for this campaign.

      Bourne stated that there is an immediate need for campaign start-up costs – promotional materials, stationary, pledge cards, travel, etc. Doerk asked if there was any remaining money from the Legacy Campaign. Weber said there is little remaining – most went to pay fund raising group and re-pay loans. Doerk also asked about National Ad Club Campaign; Weber reported that campaign was not for Signature Events but to promote general awareness of the Bicentennial. Kubick feels that the Foundation should be put on “back burner” and EBS needs to be the priority. Bourne was told EBS would be part of the Legacy Campaign and now we are behind in our fund raising efforts. Bourne said at the Steering Committee meeting it was discussed that any undesignated pledges be split 75% to Foundation and 25% EBS. It was also proposed that on the front end, any such pledges would be paid by EBS. In summary, Bourne has two requests from this Commission:

      1. Funds for campaign start-up costs
      2. Help with the campaign.

      Doerk suggested that our Commission not allocate money for travel and use it to support EBS.

  4. Old Business
    1. Corridor signage. Kubick reported that there is a $20,000 grant for Tower Rock signage. The request for funding was for a $300,000 project (received 15%). Kubick felt the project will take more than the $20,000 received. It was noted that the money received was not just for Tower Rock, it is being negotiated with NPS. Kubick would like to send letter to Clint Blackwood requesting additional funding for the project. Bourne reported that there is no money left from the Legacy campaign, Kubick reported that PPL wanted additional signage along the corridor.

      After further signage discussion, Doerk moved that all signage projects within the Upper Missouri L&C Commission geographic area be handled by the local entities, seconded by Parchen. Approved 7-0.

      Stensland recommended that the Reaching the Rockies chapter needed to prioritize their projects, he felt that they would not get $20,000 spent this year.

      Note: later in the meeting, it was discussed that no response from this Commission was needed regarding the letter to Gerald Baker from the Reaching the Rockies chapter.

    2. RV parking. England expressed concern regarding our involvement. She stated all RV parking/campgrounds are in Travel Montana Guide. She feels we should not get involved in promoting private lots. Bourne expressed concern with safety issues and how we contact people in case of an emergency. Stensland stated that some of the outlying communities are making provisions for parking.

    3. Corp II. Doerk reported dates are set for Corp II in Fort Benton. Bourne and Weber had no information.

    4. Election of officers. Doerk made motion to elect the following officers: Kubick, Chairman, Parchen Vice Chairman, and England Treasurer. Fisher second. Approved 7-0.

  5. New Business
    1. Conference/Meetings: Goldhahn provided information (attached) on travel costs to Signature Events. Discussion followed regarding which events would be most beneficial to attend. Bourne mentioned that we have been requested to send representative(s) to Heart of America in Kansas City. Doerk recommended that rather than spend money for travel, it would be better spent by providing money to EBS, especially for marketing purposes.

      Parchen made motion that Commission send representative from EBS to upcoming Signature Events (no specific dollar amount), seconded by Fisher. Motion failed 6-1.

      Doerk made a motion that this Commission defer any further expenditure in the near future in order to fund a given dollar amount to assist EBS signature event with the creation of promotional materials and/or to fund travel to solicit prospective donors, seconded by Fisher. After discussion, the motion was amended by Goldhahn, seconded by Stensland, to include the dollar figure of $3,000 (replace “a given dollar amount”). Motion approved 7-0.

  6. Next meeting scheduled for February 23, 2004 in Great Falls.

    Respectfully submitted by Jerry Sepich.




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