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Upper Missouri Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
Great Falls, Montana
February 25, 2002

Meeting called to order by Chairman Scriver. Members present Scriver, Stensland, Kubick, Parchen, Goldhahn. Absent Doerk (excused), Shield, Gamble, Martin. Others present Huepel, Weber, Sepich.

1. Minutes. Scriver noted two corrections: change dates of National Council meeting under Status Report and New Business to 2003. Parchen made motion to approve minutes with two corrections, seconded by Stensland. Passed 5-0.

2. Treasurer's Report
a. Account balance $3,479.07. Scriver will reconcile with City;
b. Scriver noted cost for attending State Bicentennial meeting in Dillon;
c. Following bills submitted:
Kubick - Meeting Golden Triangle Commission - $76.59
Kubick - State Commission meeting - $83.25
Kubick - National Council planning meeting - $96.85
Goldhahn - National Council planning meeting - $146.23
Stensland made motion to accept Treasurer's Report and approve payment of bills, seconded by Parchen. Approved 5-0.
d. Sepich reported that the City would like a better process for reimbursements/advances. Recommended a travel/purchase requisition report be developed. Sepich will provide this requisition form at the next meeting.

3. Communication
a. Scriver received letter from Golden Triangle Commission. Kubick felt we should meet with them quarterly. He also said this should be facilitated at the State meeting. Scriver said there will be a session at State meeting to discuss cooperation between Regional Commissions. Parchen and Goldhahn agreed to contact Hill county; Stensland will contact Liberty County. Scriver suggested we contact Helena commission. Kubick will continue contact with Golden Triangle;
b. January State Directors report was emailed;
c. Scriver received a email from Gene Hickman regarding building Camp Dubois - two camps will be built.

4. Status Reports a. Kubick and Goldhahn have been keeping informed of the activities in Lewistown. Vendor will be outside due to lack of space. Kubick reported that we did not get any funding from the State grants. He felt confident we would get money next year. After meeting in April, he will give monthly reports. It was noted that registration for the Lewistown conference is due March 26th.

Motion made to approve Kubick, Goldhahn, Scriver to go to Lewistown meeting.

5. Old Business
a. Discussion followed regarding proposed FY 03 budget presented by Scriver. Kubick recommended that Great Falls and Billings should get more money because of the signature event. He suggested that we request additional money from the State Bicentennial Grant. Kubick felt the license plate money should be proportioned out based on which county they are sold in. Budget changes were suggested - Scriver will bring new budget to the March meeting.

Weber suggested that this Commission be directly involved in Corp II. Kubick made motion, Goldhahn seconded that this Commission be the point contact for Corp II, approved 5-0. Huepel stated it may cost between $3,000-$6,000 to move Corp II from Ft. Benton to Great Falls. Huepel said Corp II is committed to all the Signature Event. Will be in this area for three weeks.

6. New Business
a. Scriver will invite Sarah Groves, State Commission fund raiser, to our March meeting. Suggested that Peggy Bourne also be invited.

7. Organizational
a. Goals/objectives was tabled.

a. Stensland noted the recipients of the State Grants. Two in this area: 1) Native Plant Encounters - a Middle School Curriculum (Ft. Benton); 2) Chouteau County L&C Botanical Groves;
b. Weber wished to recognize Scriver for all his work in developing and preparing the Signature Event. Presented him with a picture;
c. Huepel reported that $38 million in requests were received for the Cost Share Grants. $5 million funding available;
d. Goldhahn asked about the ad about Lewis & Clark 200 on TV. Scriver said it is a commercial site he is involved in. Stensland said there is ad on TV about the signature event in Billings. Sepich asked about status of using photos of statue at Overlook Park. Scriver said it can be used on the City web site. Scriver has all the reproductive rights to that statue.
e. Scriver said it was discussed at State meeting that the Lewis & Clark Corp of Discovery may visit the Legislature on the official start of the Bicentennial. Weber also suggested that something should be done on the date they crossed into Montana (April 27). Kubick said we need to get State Legislature to commit dollars. Needs to start now since budget is being developed now. Parchen said that Blackwell needs to talk to the Governor. Kubick said State office should have bigger staff.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.  





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