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Upper Missouri Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
March 29, 2004

Meeting called to order by Chairman Kubick at 7:00pm. Members present: Kubick, Parchen, Stensland, England (quorum not present). Absent Roehn, Doerk, Fisher, Shield. Others present Ella Mae Howard, Harry Mitchell, John Maattea, John England, Marvin Holtz, Laurie Huepel, Jane Weber, Jerry Sepich.

  1. Kubick reported he expected Dan Smith, MDFWP, to attend. He reported that we received $18,000 of the PPL funds from the State Commission at least $5,000 of which must be used at Tower Rock. He would like input regarding use of the remaining funds. Signs (2x3) cost approximately $1000-$1500 for fabrication; local vendors are able to do it for less but quality becomes the issue. The following was reported by others in attandance regarding locations for signage (existing and proposed):
    1. Mitchell asked questions regarding differences in cost of signage. It was explained that local vendors can do it cheaper but they may be of a lesser quality. Parchen reported their signs (made locally) have lasted over 13 years. Huepel explained differences between local and other vendor signs.
    2. Parchen said plans are to have three at Carter, one at Fort Benton and one at Havre Hill at Loma.
    3. Kubick stated we need signage for Ryan Dam road. It was recommended that the current signage be moved for safety and should be provided by MDT.
    4. Weber reported there is Federal dollars for signs at Sulphur Springs.
    5. Maatta reported they are in final stages of getting five signs (2x3) approved at Marias River above the dam. Final approval of signs is needed from BOR. There will be a gazebo; restrooms are completed. Liberty County will pave the road. Many other individuals/groups are involved. They could use additional funds if they are available.
    6. Kubick said signage could go at Rainbow Dam. PPL still has $80,000 available through the State Commission. PPL would like to use their money for signage on their property.
    7. Howard reported the Portage Route Chapter will have six signs at Salem Bridge. Central Sign are doing the bases. Site will be developed by the fall. They need money for art work. Huepel stated there may be additional money available through Natl. Park Service.
    8. Holtz provided a signage priority list for the canyon (attached). They hope to get signage at Tower Rock completed with their $5000. Kubick stated that FWP needs to help with this project since they now have ownership.
    9. Kubick said he would like to have a display representing all the tribes of Montana. Such a display could be duplicated at all airports around the state. He also discussed a panoramic panel of the portage at the pullout leading to Fed Ex. Kubick said he would like to see signage in the baggage area.
    10. Howard asked if they should make a formal request in writing for funding. The Commission said that would be appropriate.
    11. Stensland recommended that we need to prioritize the list because we only have limited funds.
    12. Mitchell stated that the Undaunted Stewardship project has been working with Wendy Smith, KLB Signs.
    13. England reported that Don Peterson is working on a new pamphlet.

  2. Treasurer's Report (attached). England reported that we have a $5,076.87 balance. We received our $2,000 O&P from the State Commission. Kubick met with Cascade County Commissioners to discuss request for $50,000 from each governing body to provide a match for money from the State. He asked Stensland to set up meeting with Chouteau County Commissioners.

  3. Discussion followed regarding which direction to go with signage as it relates to cost. Stensland recommended that we have a time frame to complete sign projects.

  4. Communication No additional other than that noted in the agenda.

    1. Parchen suggested we meet every second or third month. It will be discussed at next meeting.

    Next meeting: April 26, 2004 Great Falls

    Respectfully Submitted:
    Jerry Sepich  



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