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Upper Missouri Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
Great Falls, Montana
April 22, 2002

Meeting called to order by Chairman Scriver. Members present were Scriver, Goldhahn, Parchen, Doerk, Stensland, and Kubick. Absent were Shields, Gamble, and Martin. Others present were Weber, Lepley, and Sepich.

  1. Minutes from March 25, 2002 meeting were approved.

  2. Treasurer’s Report. Account balance is $2890.70. Totals of $2,005.87 bills have not been paid. Kubick asked whether $2,000 from Cascade County has been received. Scriver reported it had not. Stensland reported Choteau County would allocate $3,000 beginning July 1st.

  3. Communication
    1. March State Director’s report has been provided for members.
    2. Scriver reported he sent letter on behalf of the Commission recommending reappointment of Doerk to the RAC.

  4. Status Report
    1. Goldhahn and Kubick provided written report on National Council meeting in Lewiston.
      1. Reported they are not sure if the format for next year’s conference. They are confident we will get $2,500 from cost share grant.
      2. Kubick reported Idaho’s budget was $56,150.
      3. Weber recommended we try to get our congressional delegate to our conference.
      4. Kubick said we need to work with National Council on the meeting program, hopes we can get more liberty with the program.
      5. Lepley said we do not want to “over” Native American the conference. He also said the rooms need to be big enough to accommodate the number of participants. Weber said we should work with Montana Tribal Advisory Council. Doerk said tribes are waiting for $4 million to tell their story. Scriver said we need to be careful that the Lewis & Clark story is told.
      6. Weber expressed concerns regarding Lewis and Clark Stated it has cast a “cloud” over Montana. Scriver stated M. Broussard needs to accept some responsibility. Stated that Lewis and Clark had sent in vendor money and it was returned. Kubick said Council should have taken all the domain names. Scriver involvement has been writing history articles. Stensland said we need to accept what the Natural Council has done, keep a positive attitude, and focus on our planning effort. Date is set for April 9-12, 2003.
      7. Kubick reported Carol McBryant presented session on Corp II. Need minimum area of 60’ x 80’. She will be visiting all Signature Event sites. Fourteen sites will be visited annually during the summer. Applications need to be submitted to Blackwood by June 1. Lepley and Doerk will submit application for Fort Benton; Scriver, Moe, Bourne will submit for Great Falls

    2. Regional Liasons: Stensland reported that he and Bill Anderson would be attending Liberty County program on March 26, 2002.

  5. New Business
    1. Scriver received a Lewis and Clark license plate (#13) to be used as a fund-raiser. After discussion, recommended Marten assume responsibility to develop ideas for using the license plate.

  6. Organizational
    1. Scriver reported on absent members. Has not been able to contact Shield. Marten is still interested but had a conflict tonight. Gamble is resigning and will need to be replaced by the City. He however is interested in being involved with upcoming events.
    2. Sepich presented request from P. Bourne to reconsider our budget, which includes dollars for signature events. She feels we will be competing for the same grant money. Scriver said he understood there would be Signature Event money distributed through Regional Commission. After discussion, it was decided that Scriver and Bourne contact Blackwood for clarification.
    3. Kubick said he will submit a grant request to State for funding the National Council conference.
    4. State meeting will be June 18 in Glasgow. We need to submit budget requests prior to their meeting.
    5. Doerk said Choteau County Lewis and Clark Commission is placing meeting notices in the local paper – we should consider doing the same. Nothing new on permit for the encampment on the Marias. Blackfeet have been contacted but have not responded.

  7. Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm

    Next meeting, May 20, is in Great Falls.




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