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Upper Missouri Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
Great Falls, Montana
May 20, 2002

Meeting called to order by Chairman Scriver. Members present were Scriver, Doerk, Stensland, Goldhahn, Kubick, Shields and Parchen. Absent: Martin. Others present were Weber, Heupel, Lepley, Bourne and Sepich.

  1. Minutes from April 22, 2002 meeting were approved with the following corrections:
    1. Add Ag Center as location of meeting
    2. Shields and Martin spelling corrected
    3. Note that written report "attached" to 4a

  2. Treasurerís Report. Account balance is $2218.83, with all current bills, including travel for Lewiston converence, paid. It was noted that $2,000 from Cascade C ounty has been received.

  3. Communication
    1. April State Director's Report is available on web site
    2. Received an e-mail from State Bicentennial Commission Office regarding the State meeting in Glasgow on June 17 amp;& 18.

  4. Status Report
    1. Kubick and Goldhahn stated that there was nothing new to report on the format of the National Council meeting.
    2. Stensland reported the meeting in Chester was well attended. He indicated it was a needs assessment and that there seems to be considerable interest along the Highline.
    3. Parchen reported on the Chouteau County Committee, including discussion on the tree planting project and event at the Marias. It was noted that the bill for Nottingham has been paid.

  5. Old Business
    1. Scriver reported that he has delivered fundraising license plate to Martin, asked him to think about fundraising ideas.
    2. Scriver reported revisions to the proposed budget, including $25,000 for hosting the National Council meeting, with revenue of $10,000 from State office, and $15,000 from other grants; added $2,500 for coordination with other regions and tribes. Doerk made motion to approve budget as presented; seconded by Parchen. Motion passed 6-0.
    3. Doerk reported he and Lepley are completing applications for Corps II in Fort Benton. After some discussion the following dates were agreed upon:
      Fort Benton set up - June 1, 2005
      Open - June 2-23, 2005
      Tear down - June 24, 2005
      Great Falls set up - June 25, 2005
      Open - June 26 - July 10, 2005
    4. Doerk reported that he will have cost projections for the Marias encampment in early July.
    5. Kubick asked how much money has been raised from license plate sales. The amout will be reported at the State meeting. Kubick feels we need to get a share based on sales in Cascade and Chouteau counties.

  6. New Business
    1. Weber reported Interpretive Center received grant to put on a tourism guide training for Native Americans.
    2. Doerk requested input on the VIP committee. Recommended it be an agenda item for next meeting. Bourne said we need decission on how to handle VIP's and how we put our packages together. Kubick said we need to keep our events available to the public but at the same time be cautions about not offending the National supporters.
    3. Doerk said that Allen Lipskey, former Development Director of the Russell Museum, may be available to assist with grant writing.
    4. Scriver asked for comments on the fundraising presentation. He said it was necessary to hear what efforts are going on at the State level. Members agreed it was helpful information. Kubick said you can delegate authority but you cannot delegate responsibility. He felt we ultimately have the responsibility to raise the needed funds. Stensland said it was a great opportunity to open up the lines of communication. Scriver said he would like to invite Blackwood for a similar presentation. Considerable discussion followed regarding potential visitor and how we can accommodate them.

  7. Organizational
    1. It was suggested that if we have issues with the bylaws that we bring them to the next meeting. Bourne said she reviews a number of bylaws and would be willing to help review ours. Goldhahn and Kubick agreed to work with Bourne.
    2. Doerk reported that he spoke to the Rotary Club on April 30. Fourty-three attended. Open house at the fort was attended by 85 people. Stensland reported that as a result of their tree planting grant, many people are getting involved.

  8. Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.



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