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Upper Missouri Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
Civic Center, Great Falls, Montana
June 23, 2003

Meeting called to order by Chairman Kubick at 8:07 p.m.
Note: Meeting followed meeting on regional signage.

Members present: Kubick, Parchen, England, Shield, Doerk, Fisher, Stensland. Absent: Roehm, Goldhahn. Others present: Sepich, Marvin Holtz, Cheryl Hutchinson.

  1. Minutes. Motion made by Doerk, seconded by Parchen to approve May 16, 2003 minutes with the following addition: Marvin Holtz was present as guest. Approved 7-0.

  2. Treasurerís Report. England presented the written report, which shows a current balance of $6,435.97. Motion made by Stensland, seconded by Fisher to accept the report as presented. Approved 7-0. England noted that the member names need to be corrected on the City's financial report. Sepich will get the corrections made.

  3. Status Report
    1. National: no report
    2. State: Kubick has the financial reports from the State Commission; they are available if anyone is interested.
    3. Regional: no report
    4. Explore the Big Sky: Doerk reported that the criteria for being recognized as an event has been developed. Doerk recently took Peggy Bourne to the Fort Benton area. Banik Creative Group has been hired to handle marketing.
    5. Doerk reported a Portage Route Chapter subcommittee has developed a comprehensive report on what the chapter's role should be during and beyond the bicentennial. This subcommittee report will be reviewed at the July Portage Route Chapter meeting.
    6. Kubick attended the Confluence of Cultures conference; reported that it was excellent.

  4. Old Business
    1. Possible dates for a meeting with City and County Commissioners was discussed. The Commission decided it be best set for October 27th.

  5. New Business
    1. Kubick asked for a re-affirmation that our Commission is not in the business of marketing Lewis and Clark products. Doerk recommended that our correspondence refer them to the portage cache store or the Portage Route Chapter. After some discussion, Doerk made a motion when our Commission receives such requests that they be referred to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Association or the Portage Route Chapter, seconded by Shield. Approved 7-0.
    2. Kubick provided a request from Peggy Bourne regarding an RV parking inventory for the Signature Event. England said the Chamber has compiled a list of available RV parking. Shield mentioned the big impact this summer in Fort Benton has been need of parking for self-contained units. Issue will be further discussed at the next meeting.
    3. England brought up the issue of paying for resreshments at our meetings. The City asks that we approve all expenditures. Shield made a motion, seconde by Fisher, to approve the expenditure for refreshments for the June 23, 2003 meeting. Approved 7-0.

  6. Communications: The following communications have been provided to the members:
    1. MTL & CBC May 2003 Director's Report;
    2. Information needed on Great Falls area Lewis and Clark sites/location;
    3. Explorer New, June 2, 2003;
    4. MTTA, LCIA, USFS team up for the Festival;
    5. Schedule of Lolo Pass Visitor Center Opening;
    6. Lewis and Clark Art in Montana for Montana Magazine.

    1. Cheryl Hutchinson, Marvin Holtz, "Reaching the Rockies" Chapter: Cheryl asked for clarification on what our commission's geographic area included. She said that prior to the invitation to the signage meetings, there had been no communication with our Commission. They would like to be included in future meetings and be sent our minutes. They would like to sponsor a meeting with our Commission and the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission. The agenda could include signage, tours of specific sites, how to promote travel in the corridor. It was recommended that each group develop a list of potential dates and a date selected. Marvin asked if he could share the information on RV parking with the Lewis and Clark Commission (Helena). Commission approved him sharing the information.
    2. Parchen: Said he has been on the river and there are many "notable" people on river trips.
    3. Doerk: EA is out on the hiking trail to Sulphur Springs. He noted for our gests that this Commission has wrestled with our role in the Signature Event. He recently gave a talk at the KOA and most tourists are departing to Helena; most are interested in going to the Ulm Piskun, however many do not stop because it does not open until 10:00 a.m.
    4. Shield: Brought to the Commission's attention the article in the Seattle Times; both he and Doerk are quoted in the article.
    5. Stensland stated that one of his top priorities is to meet with City and County elected officials. Also he would like to see communication and cooperation between the regional commissions.
    6. Fisher: Mentioned that seven writers would be in town beginning on June 24th to cover parts of the trail and the festival.

    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.




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