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Upper Missouri Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
August 23, 2004

Meeting called to order by Chairman Kubick at 7:00 p.m. Members present: Kubick, Stensland, Parchen, England, Fisher, Roehn, Doerk, Goldhahn. Absent: Shield. Others present: Jack Lepley, Peggy Bourne, Fred Davison, Jerry Sepich.

  1. Fisher made motion to approve the July 26, 2004 minutes, seconded by Parchen. Approved 8-0.

  2. Treasurer’s Report. No change from previous meeting. Kubick noted that he is still trying to track down $18,000 from State Commission for signage. Doerk made motion to accept the Treasurer report, seconded by Roehn. Approved 8-0

  3. Status Reports
    1. a. Signature Event. Peggy Bourne presented an update on Explore the Big Sky. She provided copies of Power Point presentation and calendar of events (attached). She provided breakdown on expenditures, revenue and money received to date. Doerk asked about the expenditures for the tribal games. He expressed concern that tribal game officials are getting paid but Honor Guard are not. Goldhahn voiced concern about the ticket prices, stating that they may be to high. Doerk stated that participation at Lewis & Clark events have been strong, while the national trend in tourism is down. Doerk asked if the National Council has lived up to their commitment. Bourne said they have committed $45,000 and have funded national ad campaign. Doerk asked if there was a possibility of receiving money from the legislature. Lepley stated that it is unlikely. Kubick said that he has discussed the local government match with Mayor Gray and John Lawton. Bourne said Mark Simonich has found $46,000 of the $250,000 he said he could provide. Doerk said that many of our less expensive events are still the “back bone” of our event, and will still be an attraction. Bourne also provided forms join the “2000 for $200 Club”.
    2. b. National. No report
    3. c. State. Lepley relief project for State Capital is going very well. There was some criticism of not using Montana artist.
    4. Regional. Fisher reported that she has been working with Lewis & Clark Commission on “Reaching the Rockies” Chapter brochure.

  4. Old Business
    1. Signage
      1. Kubick needs to make a report on the signage project to Blackwood by September; Parchen reported that one of the signs is done and they are working on language for the others. Once language is done they will be sent to MTRI, when approved they will submit request of $5000. Signs for Ryan Dam need approval of Don Peterson and Ella Mae Howard. Kubick reported Shield, Laurie Huepel and Cindy Schultz are working on signs for airport. Kubick stated he has had discussion with MDFWP on Tower Rock signage.
    2. North Dakota Signature Event. Kubick asked if there was interest in attending. Mary and John England, Gail Stensland and wife plan to go. Doerk moved, seconded by Parchen, that we authorize expenditure for two vehicles and two motels, plus per diem for attendance at event.
  5. Communications. The following distributed:
    1. MT L&C BC Executive Director Report - July
    2. MTTA New Website
    3. MT L&C BC Board minutes, June 17, 2004.
    4. Press release "Commemorate vs. Celebrate"
  6. Next Meeting: September 27 in Fort Benton. England, Doerk, Goldhahn will not be able to attend.
  7. Commission Comments:
    1. Doerk reported tour guide training will be held November 8-12 (40 hours). There are 89 guided tours during the signature event. Guides will receive $30/hour.
    2. Stensland reported on Explorer Council meeting. Council approved the hiring of a events coordinator to assist Bourne.
    3. Goldhahn expressed her concern with the cost of tickets. Doerk again stated his concern with the cost of the tribal games.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted: Jerry Sepich  



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