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Upper Missouri Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
Rainbow Room, Civic Center, Great Falls, Montana
August 26, 2002

Meeting called to order by Chairman Scriver at 7:00 p.m. Members Present: Scriver, Kubick, Parchen, Stensland, Goldhahn. Absent: Doerk, Shield, Martin. Other present Weber, Lepley, Sepich.

  1. Minutes from July meeting. Kubick made correction of the 10,00 error and should say 10,000 in first paragraph of minutes. Stensland made motion, Kubick seconded to approve minutes with noted correction. Approved 5-0.

  2. Treasurerís Report: Balance as of August 26 is $2,910.10. Expenses included reimbursement of $47.84 for Kubick trip to Glasgow.

  3. Communications:
    1. July State Director's report
    2. Scriver received a brochure for the Monticello Signature Event
    3. Received letter from Backcountry Support Systems telling of their services
    4. Letter from American Forests regarding nominations of a Lewis & Clark tree
    5. Brochure on "Sextants to Satellites" workshops, involving using GIS systems to locate Lewis & Clark sites
    6. Blackwood is requesting information on projects for a "show & tell." Scriver will follow-up to get the information.

  4. Status Report:
    1. National Council Host report: Weber reported that recent National Council board meeting that they released all paid staff and shut office down. Bob Archibald, Director of Missouri Historical Society, is the new president. He has offered the services of his administrative assistant, Karen Goering, for record keeping. They have paid severances to the staff. All bills have been paid. National Ad Council has agreed to do national marketing campaign (valued at $160 million). National Council must produce all the advertising. Council has secured a major corporate sponsor $250,000 for four years. Weber reported that National Council has agreed to let our local host committee do all the April conference planning. Weber agreed to put together a committee to handle content and logistics. Recommended we do a retrospect on the Monticello event. Considering moving the event back to the Heritage Inn, may involve moving the date. Weber contacted Blackwood regarding the $5,000 from the State office. Peggy Bourne agreed to help with registration. Kubick made the motion the Chairman by position be named as the Commission's representative to the Conference whatever it is named, seconded by Goldhahn. Approved 5-0. Kubick also suggested Peggy Bourne be named Chairman (Lead) of the Logistics Committee since she was highly recommended on numerous occasions by Scriver and Weber. Stensland requested that because of Kubick's and Goldhahn's previous involvement, that they stay actively involved. Weber reminded the group that this commission is the host committee.
    2. Regional liaisons: Kubick reported that he attended the Golden Triangle Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commisison and visited the new Lewis & Clark signage at the Teton Rest Stop which was a project of the commission. He invited them to attend our meetings or to request any help they might need. Scriver reported that there are "corridor" meetings planned at the State Conference.
    3. Speakers Bureau: Parchen reported that Doerk has spoken to numerous groups regarding Lewis and Clark and the Fur Trade Symposium.

  5. Old Business:
    1. No report from Martin regarding the license plate project.
    2. Scriver presented a signage proposal (attached) for Cascade County. Parchen stated they are planning on submitting grant for signage in Chouteau County. Scriver recommended that an orientation display be created at Holiday Village. Sepich noted that the draft plan did not include Clara Park. Sepich also noted that improvements are being planned for West Bank Park. Kubick asked about whether access will be improved to the park. Kubick suggested a panoramic display, noting significant points, be placed at Gore Hill. Weber noted that the Forest Service and FWP are handling the Morony Dam site. Sepich said there is already an interpretive signage plan for River's Edge Trail. Weber suggested that a meeting be convened of all interested parties. Scriver said his intent is to have this commission facilitate getting the plan implemented. Kubick made motion, seconded by Parchen, that this Commission approve the three phase signage proposal. Approved 5-0. Parchen stated we need to facilitate signage in Fort Shaw/Simms area. Lepley suggested that we find one to do all the interpretation and have sign company representative part of the process.
    3. Kubick asked about letter Scriver was to write to the City, Chouteau and Cascade counties. Noted that letter was attached to the agenda.

  6. New Business:
    1. Scriver asked who was planning on attending the State meeting in Bozeman. Kubuck said he could attend if no one else was interested.

  7. Organizational:
    1. Kubick and Goldhahn presented proposed revisions to the Commission bylaws. Commission will review and discuss changes at the next meeting. It was noted that there is not Articie IV. Kubick also recommended the meeting packets be sent out prior to the meeting.
    2. Weber provided an araticle from Washington Slate regarding Lewis & Clark (attached).

    Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

    Next meeting September 23, 2002, at Civic Center, Great Falls.

    Respectfully Submitted by Jerry Sepich




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