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Upper Missouri Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
Gibson Room, Civic Center, Great Falls, Montana
September 23, 2002

Meeting called to order by Chairman Scriver at 7:00 p.m. Members Present: Scriver, Doerk, Kubick, Parchen, Goldhahn. Absent: Stensland (excused), Shield, Martin. Others present: Heupel, Weber, Sepich.

  1. Minutes of August meeting. Chair Scriver accepted the minutes as presented. No motion to approve due to the lack of a quorum.

  2. Treasurer’s Report. Scriver reported that there was not activity this month. Balance remains at $2,910.10. Kubick submitted letter from Cascade Couty's approval of $3,000.

  3. Communication
    1. Scriver reported August State Director's report is on the website;
    2. Presented "Falls of the Ohio" newsletter;
    3. Scriver has been requested to host a breakout session at the State Conference;
    4. Scriver reported that he had received letter from the City, signed by Mayor Gray, accepting his resignation from the Commission. He said that he had sent the letter explaining his involvement with Lewis& and this was the response he received.
      Doerk stated Randy Gray had contacted him regarding a clarification on the C ommission's position regarding Scriver as a member.
      Scriver stated he did not want to enter into any discussion with the City Commission regarding his reinstatement.
      After considerable discussion, Kubick made motion to send a letter to the City Commission stating the concern with the action that was taken, stating Scriver's value to the Commission, and as amended requesting that they immediately appoint two nw members to replace Scriver and Gamble. Seconded by Parchen, approved 5-0.
      Doerk will prepare the letter. Discussion followed regarding Parchen, as Vice Chairman, as the new Chairman. No decision was made.
      Doerk stated that this may be the time to re-examine our mission and goals. He stated that there is a active group working directly on the Signature Event and a active Interpretive Center. Scriver shared his concern on events in years other than 2005.

  4. Old Business
    1. Scriver presented a revised comprehensive signage proposal (attached) for the two county area. Parchen stated that Chouteau County desires to submit a separate grant proposal for their county signage. Scriver recommends that this Commission be the coordinating body for the sign project. Heupel suggested that an application be made for Challenge Cost Share Grant. Scriver expressed his concern with urgency of signage at the airport, since they are developing a master plan.
      Scriver proposed that the Commission contract with him to coordinate the signage project. His proposed contract would be paying him 20% of the total sign costs. Kubick recommended that Scriver’s proposal be tabled.
    2. Scriver asked Kubick to facilitate the corridor breakout session for our region at the State meeting.
  5. Status Report
    1. Weber reported the National conference will begin on April 13, pre-conference option, with the conference on April 14-16. The Heritage Inn has been booked. Plans are being finalized. Weber and Bourne are co-chairs for the conference;
    2. No reports on regional contact
    3. Kubick recommended that the license plate be given to the Signature Events council and let them use it for whatever purpose. Kubick made motion to give license plate to Signature Event as a fundraiser. Seconded by Doerk, approved 5-0.
  6. New Business - no items
  7. Organizational
    1. Bylaws, based on recommendations presented at the August 26, 2002, meeting the following actions were taken:
      1. Based on recommendations presented at previous meetings a motion made by Doerk, seconded by Parchen to accept change to Section 2.5. Approved 5-0.
      2. Motion made by Parchen, seconded by Goldhahn, to re-number the bylaws to correct Article IV which does not exist. Approved 5-0.
      3. Doerk moved to accept Section 5.3 as presented, seconded by Goldhahn. Approved 5-0.
      4. Doerk moved, seconded by Parchen, to accept revised Section 5.6 with the following amended language “the Commission will recommend removal of the member to the appointing government entity”. Approved 5-0.
    1. Scriver reminded the Commission that we are required to send representatives to the State meeting.
    2. Doerk formally thanked Scriver for his involvement with this Commission and the Signature Event.
    3. Heupel reported the Challenge Cost Share grants will be between $5-7 million. Deadline for application is January 15, 2003.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

    Next meeting October 28, 2002, at the AG Museum in Fort Benton.




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