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Upper Missouri Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
October 25, 2004

Meeting called to order by Chairman Kubick. Members present: Kubick, Roehn, Parchen, Fisher, Goldhahn, Shield. Absent Doerk, Stensland, England. Others present: Jay Russell, Sepich.
  1. Kubick introduced Jay Russell, Executive Director of the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center Foundation. Russell was invited to discuss “what’s happening” with the Foundation. First, he reported on the Legacy Campaign. A joint marketing brochure has been developed promoting the center and EBS. Russell stated the current focus for the fund raising effort at this time is EBS. Efforts include making contacts with potential sponsors. The second project is the creation of a National Advisory Council. Idea is to attract prominent people, both scholars and those with the financial means to support the Center. Goldhahn brought up the issue of the number of Lewis and Clark centers and that others would be seeking similar support. Russell responded that ours is probably “best”, we have a lot going for us, and that others may not have considered an Advisory Council. The third project underway is launching a membership program. Membership would include center admission, discount at gift shop, newsletter, and car decal. He said the kickoff will be early next year. Russell asked for any feedback or comments on any of the proposals.
  2. Goldhahn made motion to approve the minutes of the September 27, 2004 minutes, Roehn seconded. Approved 6-0.
  3. Kubick presented the Treasurer’s report in the absence of England. There were no revenue or expenditures since the previous meeting. He reported that Fort Benton has received the $5,000 from the signage account. Parchen stated the designs have been done and the County is working on site preparations.
  4. Status Reports
    1. National: No report
    2. State: Kubick reported on meting in Pablo and shared information that was presented. A transition team has been created. Kubick and Carol Bronson were selected for the team. One issue the team is addressing is the future of the license plate money. It was decided to continue the sale of the license plates. It needs to be decided where future license plate revenue would go.
    3. EBS: Fisher reoprted that Julie Klesh has been hired as the EBS Events Coordinator. Ticket purchases have been set up. Tickets for Fairgrounds events have been changed, with free admission to the grounds. Discussion followed regarding concerns with the price of tickets. Goldhahn stated that the North Dakota event was very unorganized. There was difficulty in getting information this summer on the event.
      Kubick said there were concerns that there are a number of Lewis & Clark events planned in other communities that overlap EBS events.
  5. Old Business
    1. Corridor Signage: Kubick told Parchen that we need to invite PPL representatives to the unveiling of the signs. Kubick reported work is proceeding on the signage for the airport. Airport display will include rotating 2x3 panels telling the history of the tribes, eight tribal flags hanging from the ceiling, and a tepee in the upstairs lobby. Goldhahn asked if there ws any money left from the airport remodel. Kubicl responded that it was all used. She also said it would be great to integrate the Schaffer collection in informational material.
  6. New Business
    1. MT L&C BC: Fisher made motion, seconded by Parchen, to submit O&P Grant application. Approved 6-0.
    2. Discussion followed regarding negativity of the National Council "Draft" PSA. Letter has been sent by State office regarding our displeasure with the ads.
    3. Kubick opened discussion on grant application. He, as well as others, expressed concerns that if a number of Challenge Cost Share Grant applications are submitted it may hurt EBS aplication. He recommended that our Commission support only the application from EBS.
    4. Goldhahn suggested that EBS begin marketing tee-shirts. She said that is what people are buying. Kubick emphasized that EBS merchandise needs to have Great Falls, Montana.
  7. Communication
    1. The following were provided to members by email:
      1. MTL&CBC Executive Director Report - September, 2004
      2. November Winter Warm-up at Center
  8. Next meeting is November 22, 2004 in Civic Center, Great Falls.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.
Respectfully submitted: Jerry Sepich  



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