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Upper Missouri Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
October 27, 2003

Meeting called to order by Chairman Kubick at 7:05 p.m.

Members present: Kubick, Doerk, Parchen, Fisher. Others present: Weber, Sepich *note: No formal action will be taken due to a lack of a quorum.

  1. Minutes. Minutes from September meeting were reviewed. Fisher noted that under the Regional report England was not present at the joint meeting of Lewis and Clark and Reaching the Rockies Chapter.

  2. Treasurer’s Report. Kubick reported the current balance is the same as reported at the September meeting - $7301.09. Expenses of $718.82 have been submitted to the City for five members attendance at the State Conference. Kubick discussed attending meeting at Chester on October 29th, Fisher may also attend. Members supported the trip but no formal action could be taken.

  3. Status Report
    1. National: Weber did not attend but has heard that attendance was small and there were some hospitality issues that were not handled well. Biggest attendance day was 2500, mostly children. Kubick expressed concern that events are not getting any media exposure. Weber also reported that Karen Goering is the new Executive Director of the National Council. She is funded by the Missouri Historical Society.
    2. State: Fisher stated this was a much better State conference. She noted there were more non-government people in attendance. Weber said that many of the presentations followed the format of our April National conference. She stated that regional meetings were good because they linked up the adjoining communities and regional commissions. Kubick said the Native American presentations were well done. Discussion followed regarding concerns with previous and future Native American presentations.
    3. Regional: No report.
    4. Explore! the Big Sky: Weber reported the events team will meet on October 28th. She reported concern with smaller communities not knowing if they have the volunteers and resources to conduct events. There will be future meetings with these communities to explain that they will be under the umbrella of EBS. She also said there would be a de-briefing of the Louisville event to discuss issues and problems.

      Doerk reported they are planning “step on guide” training in Fort Benton. Weber expressed concern that this training was not connected to EBS. Doerk said that they have an immediate need for their attractions. He said this will create a “pool” of potential volunteers during the signature event.

      Parchen requested a letter from our Commission inviting the Steele Scouts to Fort Benton. Support is needed since they will bring weapons across the border. Kubick recommended a letter be drafted and presented at the next meeting.

  4. Old Business
    1. Corridor signage. Weber asked if this Commission was submitting a grant request. Parchen has sent a letter in support of funding Tower Rock signage. Parchen said our corridor could get up to $10,000 from State Commission. Chouteau County has prioritized their five signs; Harry Mitchell is working with Portage Route Chapter on prioritizing the ones for Cascade County. Weber reported the Chapter was submitting independently. Weber stated we should get support of MTRI. Fisher agreed to get a list of MTRI members.
    2. RV parking. Fisher reported she provided England with a list of public and private campgrounds. Sepich stated Bourne was interested in finding other potential RV spots including parking lots, etc.
    3. Corp II. Kubick and Doerk stated that the dates in Fort Benton were resolved. Sepich, as co-chair of the Community Events Committee, asked this Commission to consider placing Corp II responsibility under EBS. Although no formal action was taken, a consensus was reached to turn Corp II over to EBS. If Corp II is a EBS event, they would make the decision on location. Kubick will contact absent members to discuss the recommendation. Sepich asked if there would be any interest in the Commission hosting a VIP social at Corp II. Board would further discuss. A sub committee of Fisher, Kubick, Stensland and Shield will bring recommendations back.

  5. New Business
    1. State Organization and Planning grants are due December 19th. Kubick will submit.
    2. State Grant requests (up to $10,000) are also due December 19th. Plan to submit for signage.
    3. NPS Cost Share grant is due January 15. Kubick and Parchen will work on grant. Weber suggested we consider a partnership with Portage Route Chapter on signage grant.

  6. Communications
    1. Kubick noted the communication as listed on the agenda.
    2. Doerk reported Lepley turned down the Tourism & Museum co-chair position.

    1. Doerk reported Ron Ukanietz has done a video. He was impressed with the production. It is for sale at the Russell Museum.
    2. Weber is working with International Traditional Games to test some of the Indian games at this year’s festival.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m. Next meeting scheduled November 24th 7:00 pm Civic Center, Great Falls.

Respectfully submitted by Jerry Sepich  



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