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Upper Missouri Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
Ag Museum, Fort Benton, Montana
October 28, 2002

Meeting called to order by Vice Chairman Parchen at 7:00 p.m. Members Present: Parchen, Doerk, Stensland, Goldhahn, Kubick. Absent: Shield. Others present: Lepley, Bourne, Weber, Sepich.

  1. Minutes. Motion made by Doerk, seconded by Goldhahn to approve September 23, 2002 minutes. Approved 4-0.

  2. Treasurer’s Report. Sepich reported that the account balance is $2,910.10. Stensland reported that he will get $2,000 processed from Chouteau County.

  3. Communication
    1. Sepich presented letter from Judith McKay, KGPR Public Radio, requesting travel money from this commission to attend Signature Event in Monticello. The request is for $1,475. She would like to do interviews at the event to be aired on public radio. Doerk made motion, seconded by Goldhahn to deny her request since the area will be represented, and that she can do interviews when they return. Approved 5-0. Sepich agreed to write a letter to her. Doerk stated that she may be interested in attending the public event at the State Legislature on January 18.
    2. A letter of resignation has been submitted by Martin (copy was emailed and will be presented at next meeting). Parchen will send a letter to Cascade County Commission requesting a replacement.

  4. Status Report
    1. Lepley reported on the State Commission meeting in Bozeman. He stated it was well attended (over 200) and sessions were good. The next meeting will be in Lewistown and will probably be the last one. Corp II has been scaled down; scheduled in Fort Benton and Great Falls during Signature Event. Weber said it was interesting to hear what is being done around the State. Kubick said there appeared to be more interest this year, maybe because the Bicentennial is getting closer.
    2. Speaker’s Bureau. Doerk reported that there is a lot of information on Lewis & Clark being presented and shared.
    3. Parchen reported that Fort Benton will be hosting the “1880’s Ball” at the Grand Union this coming week-end. Many events planned.
    4. Stensland said there has been some difficulties “reaching out” to the smaller communities. Bourne and Weber have plans to contact some of these communities, including Belt, Cascade, Ulm. He also reported that Scotty Peters represents Fort Benton on the Resource Committee. There is discussion on appointing a co-person on this committee.

  5. Old Business
    1. The City has received two applications for the Commission -- Mary Egeland and Gayle Fisher. Doerk made motion to recommend their appointment by the City Commission, seconded by Kubick. Approved 5-0.
    2. Signage project. Scriver's proposal was tabled at the last meeting. Weber reported that the Montana Tourism and Recreation Institute (MTRI) has selected corridors around the state to fund signage projects. Suggested that Margaret Gorski be contacted regarding this opportunity. The money comes from a Cost Share grant.
      Doerk made motion, seconded by Stensland, to further table Scriver's proposal until the next meeting. Approved 5-0. Parchen will follow up with contacting MTRI and will get information from Scriver on Cascade County signage. At Weber's suggestion, Doerk will follow up with Portage Route Chapter on signage.

  6. New Business
    1. Motion made by Doerk, seconded by Goldhahn, to nominate Kubick as Chair of the Commission. No further nominations received. Approved 5-0 and Kubick elected on a 5-0 vote.
    2. Weber asked about the process to request $2,500 O&M money from the State. Lepley stated that a letter needs to be sent requesting the money.
    3. Kubick received an email regarding attendance at the Signature Event in Monticello. Bourne, Fisher, and Weber will be attending. Doerk motioned, seconded by Parchen, to allow Kubick the latitude to decide whether to go as the Commisison representative. Approvded 5-0.

    1. Lepley recommended that Kubick attend Monticello event. The Commission agreed. Lepley is working on Committee regarding lasting legacy. He requested any ideas/suggestions. He feels the Interpretive Center would be the ideal location.
    2. Goldhahn completed her annual Lewis & Clark Trail tour.
    3. Stensland reported that the Discovery Council is going well. Recommended that this Commission replace Martin on the Council. Stensland also reported that he visited the rest stop at Chamberlain. It includes a federally funded Lewis & Clark visitor’s center.
    4. Doerk stated that Sioux City has built a $4 million interpretive center, funded by riverboat gaming revenues.
    5. Kubick submitted a $351.79 expense claim for his trip to Bozeman. He recommended that a meeting be scheduled in February with our legislative delegation, City and County officials to update them on our signature event.
    6. Discussion followed regarding a conflict of interest form for our Commission. Kubick will present a draft at the next meeting. It will be similar to the one developed for the signature event volunteers.

    Next meeting November 25, 2002 in the Civic Center, Great Falls.




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