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Upper Missouri Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
November 24, 2003

Meeting called to order by Chairman Kubick at 7:00 p.m.

Members present: Kubick, Fisher, England, Goldhahn, Stensland, Roehm. Absent: Doerk, Shield, Parchen. Others present: Sepich.Doerk, Parchen, Fisher.

  1. Minutes. Stensland made motion to approve, seconded by Fisher, to approve the September 2, 2003 minutes as submitted (no formal action taken at October meeting due to lack of quorum). Approved 6-0.

    Stensland made motion to approve the recommendations from the October meeting and corrected the State Grant amount from $10,000 to $25,000, seconded by Fisher. Approved 6-0.

  2. Treasurerís Report (attached)
    1. Balance of $6390.43. Bills paid included $910.66 for State Conference, $50.26 for Reaching the Rockies meeting. Bill submitted from Stensland for $313.56 for State Conference.
    2. Kubick presented a list of possible travel considerations, including Signature Events, State Conferences, and possible Regional meetings. Kubick and England will review and make a recommendation.

  3. Status Report
    1. National: no report.
    2. State: Legacy campaign as originally set up is being dissolved. It will be reorganized at the local level - $4 million goal: $3 million for Center, $1 million to EBS.
    3. Regional: no report.
    4. Explore! the Big Sky: no report

  4. Old Business
    1. RV parking. England requested our Commission submit a letter to Peggy Bourne identifying the parking lots that may be used for RV parking. Kubick thought that the Logistics Committee should be responsible for this. Travel Montana travel brochure has all public/private RV and campgrounds listed..
    2. Corps II. Final decision as to location and dates will be determined by EBS. Portage Route Chapter may take some responsibility for Corps II if it is in Great Falls.
    3. Both State Planning Grant and NPS Cost Share Grant will be submitted.

  5. New Business
    1. Motion made by Goldhahn, seconded by Stensland to move next meeting to December 15 in Fort Benton. Approved 6-0.
    2. Stensland recommended that this Commission host regional meeting in Cascade County in 2004 and one month before EBS host another meeting to address "we are ready." Fisher reported that Banik is planning a number of such meetings. It was recommeded that we put money in our budget for community outreach.
    3. Kubick discussed Election of officers for 2004. Bylaws state terms are two years.

  6. Communications
    1. Communications listed on agenda have been presented.
    2. No other communication received.

    1. Stensland - Kubick have signed claim for $2,000 from Chouteau County. Kubick will follow up with Cascade County.
    2. Noted that letter from Reaching the Rockies Chapter to Gerard Baker was reviewed and discussed; no action taken.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Jerry Sepich  



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