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Upper Missouri Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
November 25, 2002

Meeting called to order by Chairman Kubick at 7:00 p.m. Members present: Doerk, Parchen, Kubick, Shield, Goldhahn, Fisher, Stensland. Absent England (excused). Others present: Weber, Huepel, Lepley, Ella Mae Howard, Jim Flaherty, Bourne, Sepich.

  1. Minutes. Motion made by Stensland, seconded by Parchen, to approve the October minutes with the following correction - Mary England misspelled. Approved 7-0

  2. Kubick open discussion on signage project. Recommended that Commission discuss potential grants for signage project. Kubick has meeting scheduled on December 4 with C. Schultz, Airport Director, regarding possible signage at the airport. Parchen has received information from Scriver regarding signage which identified needs in Cascade County. Jim Flaherty also has a list from Don Peterson, Portage Route Chapter, of potential sites in Cascade County. Weber has contacted Margaret Gorski, MRTI regarding submission on grant request. Doerk recommended two locations – Carter and Salem Road. Sepich mentioned a possible location at Clara Park. Doerk made motion, seconded by Goldhahn, that Parchen, Shield and Portage Route Chapter determine four locations in the two county area for submittal for MRTI grant. Approved 7-0. Shield has discussed Sacajawea signage at West Bank Park. Kubick stated that there is interest in developing signage along the corridor from Helena to Great Falls. Huepel mentioned that there are panels that will be placed at Broadwater/Overlook Park, Malmstrom and Two Medicine. Kubick would like to see a legend of other sites at each location.

  3. Treasurer’s Report. Account balance is $2,910.00. Kubick has submitted claim for $351.79 for State conference and $260.00 for registration at Monticello. Kubick and Sepich will review the financial report from City.

  4. Status Report
    1. National – Weber reported the National Ad Council has signed contract with National Council. Ads are being prepared and will be run before Monticello. Council met in New Orleans last month; they are now fiscally solvent.
    2. State – Lepley reported the State Commission is continuing work on the legacy project. Has been talk of location in the Senate Chambers. Private money will need to be raised – possible sale of a limited addition replica to raise funds. Our Commission favored a more visible location. Reported there will be a Lewis and Clark event planned at the legislature on January 18th. Weber suggested that we be represented. Bourne volunteered to work with Shield to coordinate a legislative function.
    3. Regional – Kubick and Huepel will meet with Golden Triangle Regional Commission on November 26, 2002.
    4. National Convention – Weber presented a program outline and proposed budget (attached). Bourne is handling logistics, along with Kubick and Goldhahn. Weber stated that National agreed to split any profit with local host. Doerk recommended that that our Commission get involved with tours. Parchen made motion, seconded by Doerk, that any profit (our portion) from the convention by given to Explore the Big Sky signature event. Approved 7-0.
    5. Speakers Bureau. Doerk said there is considerable information about the Bicentennial.
    6. Huepel reported Challenge Cost Share grants will total $5 million. Corp II is in production and will be tested in Washington, DC.

  5. Old Business
    1. Kubick reported City Commission has appointed England and Fisher to the Commission.
    2. Kubick will submit request for O&M grant to the State Commission.
    3. Discussion followed regarding replacement of Martin on Discovery Council. It was determined that with Fisher on the Council our Commission is represented.
    4. Doerk make motion, seconded by Parchen, to approve Goldhahn to replace Scriver as coordinator with the Gates of the Mountain Commission. Approved 7-0.

  6. New Business
    1. After discussion, Doerk made motion, seconded by Fisher, to approve the Conflict of Interest form. Approved 7-0. Members were asked to complete, sign and return to December meeting.
    2. Kubick will update Commission membership roster information.
    3. Kubick presented 2003 meeting dates – list was approved with the exception of changing May meeting to the 19th and December meeting to the 15th. December 2002 meeting will be on the 16th in Great Falls.
    4. Kubick asked the Commission to consider our support requests from government entities for next year’s budget.

  7. Communication - Kubick presented the following communication received:
    1. Great Falls Tribune article: Lewis & Clark National Convention.
    2. The Salt Lake Tribune article.
    3. Smithsonian Magazine November issues.
    4. Lewis & Clark request through Blackwood from Parkville, MO.
    5. First Interstate gift to the Legacy Campaign article in Billings Gazette.

    1. Doerk reported Missouri River statistics are available. Based on numbers, there will probably not be pressure for an allocation system for river use.
    2. Sepich presented information on signage from the FOLIA Company.

    Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

    Next meeting: DECEMBER 16, 2002 GREAT FALLS




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