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Yellowstone County Lewis & Clark Commission
Meeting Minutes
January 20, 2004

Members present: Diane Svee, Gary Svee, Sandra Dietz, Jeff Dietz, Jim Van Arsdale, Armand Lohoff, Helen Bryson, Chuck Cook, Dan Krum, Bob Kelly, Terry Indreland, Jane Indreland, Victoria Hammond, Robbie Carpenter, Melody Dobson, Dick Kodeski, David Oberly, and Darla Bruner.

Bob Kelly, Helen Bryson, Jane Indreland, Sandra Dietz and David Oberly were introduced to the group.

Jeff said that the corridor conference in Miles City on January 31 will begin at 10 a.m. at the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks building.

Jane Indreland passed out information on "A Day in the Life of the Yellowstone River Valley." She mentioned that sponsors are needed for the event. She asked commission members for possible contacts. Melody added that three grants have been completed.

The Captain Clark Signature Week Committee has met twice. The event will run from July 18-25. The emphasis will be on the Pillar as our neighbor. Dan Krum has contacted the Vigilante Players who are available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of that week in July. Dan said that his firm, Quick Bucks, would provide the $300 deposit to secure the group. The cost is $1500 plus two motel rooms and meals. Melody added that a grant for $10,000 and a grant for $18,000 have been submitted for Clark Days. Various locations for a performance were mentioned. Jim Van Arsdale has secured Crow Dancers for July 25. Dan Krum moved that we sign the Vigilante Players for Wednesday night. Robbie Carpenter seconded the motion, which passed.

Jeff Dietz reported on the recent national Lewis and Clark Bicentennial meeting in St. Louis. The meeting ran four days. He attended meetings on the national Lewis and Clark exhibit. He passed around some brochures. He heard Gary Moulton and Robert Archibald speak. Archibald emphasized that America will be a different place in 2006, thanks to the activities of the bicentennial. He stressed that American will be a different place in 2006, thanks to the activities of the bicentennial. He stressed stewardship and lasting legacies. The national group is working with an anonymous foundation for further monies. Corps II is striving to be more "child friendly." The opening ceremony for the St. Louis event was excellent. The Osage played a key role. Jeff stressed that he met a number of people he feels will help us. He mentioned Gerard Baker and Robert Miller. Miller is from Lewis and Clark College in Portland and is researching the purpose of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Terry Indreland gave the final report. We have our own checking account thanks to a partnership with Pompeys Pillar Historical Association allowing us to use their 501(c)3 designation. We currently have $1,963.73 in this account. We have $3,000 in discretionary funds; $2,700 remaining from the sign projects and salaries for the coordinators in the county accounts. Melody mentioned that we have to submit an invoice to the county for $5,000 in conference funds and $2,500 in other funds.

Jeff mentioned that we have been invited to provide a display for Laurel Aviation Days on May 12 and 13. The hours are 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Robbie and Melody handed out new notebooks containing the organizational plans for the signature event. Members are asked to keep these notebooks and add materials at future meetings. They gave a brief overview of the financial requirements for the project. Dick Kodeski asked if cooperative agreements have been finalized with the partners. These are still in progress. There is information on volunteer recruitment. Thers is an application for chairpersons. Robbie asked that we put together the fund raising committee immediately. Dick suggested that we analyze events carefully since we had more than 200 suggestions. Jeff emphasized that we need to stay true to our story of Clark on the Yellowstone.

Melody passed out the coordinators' report. Eight grants have been submitted.

Jeff mentioned that there is an interpretive sign workshop on February 5 at the Billings Fish, Wildlife and Parks facility. Members should contact Jeff if they are interested in attending.

There will be a talent showcase in Livingston June 17 and 18. The purpose is to demonstrate the kinds of performers who might be available for signature events.

The Western Association of Governors is meeting in Washington , D.C. Clint Blackwood asked if Billings had a banner to send. Jeff mentioned that ours has the wrong logo.

A Washington film crew, Camera 1 Productions, made the official Lewis and Clark film for the Corps of Engineers. They are interested in filming dugout canoes, horse stealing and bull boats here in Montana.

There is a Montana Lewis and Clark meeting February 9 and 10 at the Interpretive Center in Great Falls. The purpose of the meeting is how to elicit Native American involvement in events. Contact Jeff if you would like to attend.

Terry Lee will have an open house of her Lewis and Clark kite project on February 4.

Melody passed around a draft of a letter to Bill Kenndy requesting attendance at meetings. Jeff asked members to read over the draft. Please submit changes to Diane Svee before the next meeting. Members will sign the letter at the February meeting.

Dick Kodeski said the BLM is moving forward with the bids on the visitors' center. The interpretive portion of the center is 35% complete.

Darla Bruner is attending a meeting in Miles City on March 11-13 for museums. There will be a session on Lewis and Clark. She also mentioned that on January 31 at 7 p.m. Terry Lee will be at the Western Heritage Center with a free kite making workshop.

Jane Indreland asked that any publicity about Clark Days include mention of "A Day in the Life of the Yellowstone Valley."

The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be February 17 at 6:30 p.m.



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