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Yellowstone County Lewis & Clark Commission
Meeting Minutes
March 16, 2004

Members present: Diane and Gary Svee, Chuck Cook, Jeff and Sandra Dietz, Jim Van Arsdale, Robbie Carpenter, Armand Lohof, Bob Kelly, Melody Dobson, Myrtle and Sherman Hubley, Chris Dantic, Victoria Hammond, Howard Boggess, Dick Kodeski, Rhonda Harms, Linda Gallagher, Bob Ehli and Gerald Davidson.

Jeff opened the meeting with introductions of Bob Ehli and Gerald Davidson.

Gerald Davidson of Red Lodge presented an idea for the 2005 Festival of Nations. His group would like to use the ethnic background of the Corps of Discovery as a tie in to the Festival. He wondered how our group might assist. Jeff asked that members consider the idea. Jim Van Arsdale will serve as a liaison.

Jeff said that Terry Indreland reported that there was no change in our financial status since the last meeting. We did receive two National Park Service Cost Share grants; one for $50,000 for Signature Event Coordinators and a $15,000 grant for Melody's oral history project. Dan Krum announced that Pompeys Pillar Historical Association had received $100,000 cost share grant for landscaping at the new visitors' center. Jeff said that we also received the $2,000 grant from the Montana Commission for O and P. Melody received a rejection notice for her grant application on Captain Clark Signature Days.

Helen Bryson is ordering 15 star flags for the Pillar. They are available for $40. Howard Boggess moved and Dan Krum seconded that the Commission purchase five flags for use in various locations. The motion passed.

Jeff received a letter regarding a celebration on April 29, 2005, of Lewis and Clark at the confluence. The Montana Lewis and Clark Commission will host a showcase of talent in Livingston on June 17 and 18. Robbie suggested that potential performers needed notice of the showcase. She will talk to Clint Blackwood.

Members received a written report on the Corridor Conference held in Miles City. The attendance was good. Banner sales have been approved. Every community in the corridor has an event planned. A figurative torch will be passed from one to another.

The Corps II meeting is April 7 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Holiday Inn. There will be workshops on volunteers and the Tent of Many Voices. The Governor's Conference is April 5 and 6. Gerard Baker will make a presentation. There is a planned tour of Pompeys Pillar.

Robbie reported that Advertising Design will prepare a basic web page for $6,800. They are donating $1,000 of that figure. Both Melody and Robbie will be able to update the page. They hope to have the page up by April 5.

Plans for Captain Clark Signature Week are underway. Melody reported that ZooMontana has agreed to partner with us for the event. They offered the grounds at the Zoo for the Vigilante Players. The City of Billings is purchasing a new Showmobile, which willl rent for $250. Dan said that the performance takes about one hour and forty-five minutes. Kelly Inn is donating rooms for the players. Teresa Lechner of Godfather's Pizza will provide the supplies for the ice cream social. The Zoo plans to have decamps with a Lewis and Clark theme. Dan Krum moved and Jim Van Arsdale seconded a motion to hold the performance at ZooMontana on July 21 with the city's stage. The motion carried. Jim Van Arsdale suggested that we have a family ticket price for the Players. Jeff said that the committee will look at prices. Rhonda Harms added that the Clark Day posters were valuable to visitors' center. Jeff reminded that we need music for the events.

Melody added that the Downtown Business Association would like to have a wine and cheese party on Friday, July 23, to encourage people to visit stores with Lewis and Clark displays. The Copper Colander will have a Tast of the Trail and the Western Heritage Center will have a speaker. Linda Gallagher suggested that reader boards be used to notify tourists of the events. Dick Kodeski said that the BLM has a list of sites for reader boards and his staff can call to ask that the information be posted.

Dick Kodeski reoprted that Clark Day at the Pillar has been expanded to all day Saturday and Sunday.

Members were given handouts of the proposed events for the Signature Event in 2006. Robbie Carpenter mentioned that we need to know how many people can be on the site at a given time. We also need to decide how the site will look. Robbie went over each day. Linda Gallagher asked if there was land near the Pillar for parking. We need space for tourists who come off the interstate.

Jeff asked that the Commission schedule a work session to finalize the events. We need to have representatives from the Bureau of Land Management present. Members will be notified about the date and time.

Jeff said that work is still going on the organization and planning model. We need to have policies in place soon. Robbie added that once we have agreed on the schedule we could put together our strategy.

Members received a written report from the coordinators. She announced that Rhonda Harms will chair the marketing and publicity committee. A representative from Stockman Bank will chair the fundraising committee. Jeff Dietz will chair the National Day of Honor. We do need a hospitality committee. Members were asked to make suggestions for committees and chairs.

Jeff handed out a report on the St. Louis meeting.

Any one who would like to join the Commission must submit a letter to the Yellowstone County Commission.

Howard Boggess said that the Friends of Chief Plenty Coups are hosting a meeting next Thursday and Friday at MSU-Billings. The meeting is aimed at museums with artifacts. There will be a bus tour to Plenty Coups. Howard also spoke to the state museum group about upcoming Lewis and Clark events.

Jim Van Arsdale mentioned that there will be a Lewis and Clark Symposium in Lewiston, Idaho on June 17-19.

Linda Gallagher said that she would provide motel rooms if needed subject to availability.

Dick Kodeski said that a number of federal government offices are affected by the recent internet site closure. He thanked the Executive Committe for their work on the Event schedule.

Chuck Cook thanked Robbie and Melody for all the work they have done.

Dan Krum had looked at the web site for Bismarck's Signature Event. He found many places where events are to be announced.

Rhonda Harms said that she is excited to chair the Marketing/Publicity Committee. She assured members that there will be lots of publicity for our event.

Sandra Dietz is the newest member of the Commission.

Victoria Hammond said that the Lewis and Clark poster she requested had been hung at the College of Technology.

The next meeting is Tuesday, April 20, 2004.

Meeting Notes
Monday, February 23, 2004

Jeff Dietz, Terry Indreland and Diane Svee met. Jeff said that he and Melody Dobson had met about the website. Kim Prill of the Bureau of Land Management said that for our commission to use the money from the BLM the website will have to conform to BLM standards. Melody will try to find out what these are.

Melody mentioned that she and Robbie had met earlier Wednesday with Bill Kennedy about the Signature Event. He received a copy of the proposed schedule.

We then went through each proposed day's events and made comments and suggestions. We thought that four major presentations per day (11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.) would give guests the best opportunity to see a variety of things. We liked the idea of a "campfire" in the evening.

Robbie will make changes to the proposal based on today's discussion. These will be sent via e-mail. The members must have changes back to Robbie by March 12 so that the schedule can be submitted to the entire commisison on March 17.

The next Executive Committee meeting will be March 12 at 9 a.m. at the Chamber.

Jeff mentioned that the site plan is the key to our success. He will obtain a map and sketch out a proposal. We also need to know how many people the site can accommodate at one time.

Melody received an e-mail confirming that the $5,000 from the BLM can be used for the website. The site must meet the Americans With Disabilities standards. The motion was made that the Executive Committee approve using the $5,000 from the BLM to have Advertising Design build our website. The motion was seconded and approved.

Thursday, March 12, 2004

Armand Lohof, Jeff Dietz, Terry Indreland and Diane Svee met with Robbie Carpenter and Melody Dobson to discuss the events planned during the Signature Event.

Melody announced that Rhonda Harms will serve as chairman of the Marketing Committee. Stockman Bank is condidering serving as finance chair.

Armand asked if we had invited any guest speakers. No one has been invited. We need consistent treatment of speakers and a set schedule.

Jeff announced that Clark on the Yellowstone received a $50,000 challenge cost share grant.

The Exective Committee will purchase a $25 gift certificate for Bernie Mason for serving as facilitator of our strategies planning meeting.

Ad Design will receive $5,800 for setting up our web site. The additional $800 will come from remaining airport signage moneis. Armand moves that we contract with Ad Design for this amount. Terry seconded the motion which passed.

The calendar of events was discussed. Jeff presented a site map. We discussed locations for varous events. Jeff mentioned that we should have video streaming and web casting of events.

Robbie and Melody suggested a half day work session (possibly April 7) with commission members, county commissioners and representatives of the Bureau of Land Management to go over the calendar of events and the notebook. The meeting will be held at the Chamber of Commerce.  


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