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Yellowstone County Lewis & Clark Commission
Meeting Minutes
August 19, 2003

Members and guests present: Diane Svee, Sherman Hubley, Chuck Cook, Jeff Dietz, Clint Blackwood, Myrtle Hubley, Daniel Krum, Ester Bengston, Armand Lohof, Jim Van Arsdale, Robbie Carpenter, Melody Dobson, Terry Inderland, Sharon Peterson, Don James, Dick Kodeski, Howard Boggess, Doug Habermann and Darla Bruner.

Chairman Jeff Dietz opened the meeting. Members had three by five cards at their places for comments on Clark Day and the concert. He asked members to hand these to Robbie Carpenter at the end of the meeting.

Jeff introduced Clint Blackwood of the Montana Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission. Clint reported that the number of visitors coming to Montana is up. On the Montana Lewis and Clark website visits were up 30% in May. He mentioned some upcoming events that will draw tourists to our state. He presented information about Corps II, a semi truck traveling display. There are several host communities in Montana. Each is responsible for entertainment during the stop. It will be at Pompeys Pillar during the signature event. He mentioned that Travel Motnana's website has information about events organized by corridors. He then answered questions from several members.

Armand Lohof and Chuck Cook were in Philadelphia for the national meeting. They got to see the original journals and botanical specimens. They also learned more about medical knowledge in 1803. They suggested that Dayton Duncan be invited to our signature event. Next year's meeting will be in Bismarck.

Under committee reports, Gary Svee reported by letter that he and Don James met with Ercel Johnson and Ernie Dutton about the proposed statue. It will be on private land off South 24th Street West. Don added that it would be nice to follow a project through its development to ensure that it is a quality piece. Jeff said that Ercel is not asking for exclusive artist endorsement. He would like a letter of encouragement. Esther Bengston moved that the Commission write a letter for an authentic Lewis and Clark statue with our involvement via periodic review. Don James seconded the motion which carried.

Robbie Carpenter reported on the ice cream social and the Robb Quist, Jack Gladstone concert. She felt the event was successful. Terry submitted the financial report which showed that we were in debt $360.18. The Bureau of Land Management gave us a grant of $1300 for community events to help offset our losses. Two hundred and eighty people enjoyed the concert. We made $500 on Stephanie Ambrose's book sales. We had incredible public relations for a first time event. Melody said there were some challenges with the Alberta Bair Theater. She felt that ticket sales should have begun sooner.

Melody Dobson reported on Captian Clark signature events. The media attended the flag raising at the courthouse. The Downtown Business Association bought 15 star flags for 2nd Avenue North. The airport signs were dedicated. These events help businesses come onboard. Dick Kodeski added that the number of visitors at the Pillar increased on Saturday. Clint said that the state commission will develop a public relations program for others to use. Travel Montana will include representatives from the two signature events in their planning. Jeff said that he appreciated members taking part on Friday. Myrtle Hubley said that Stephanie Ambrose will return in October through the Rochejhone Chapter. The Coral of Westerners is bringing Harry Fritz down in November. A teacher at West High School, Bruce Wendt, hopes to have Bill Barker make presentations as Thomas Jefferson to local students. Jeff added that the street displays and Marvin Dawes and the tipi raising were well done.

Doug Habermann encouraged members to attend the Day of Honor on August 30 at Chief Plenty Coups Park.

Melody Dobson reported that the airport signs are in place at the baggage area and on the concourse. The Chamber signs have arrived and will be installed next week. They have been paid for. The committee will meet in September to decide what direction to pursue.

Terry Inderland reported that we have $2100 in general funds. We have $35,000 for the signature event coordinator. Jeff complimented Terry on his excellent records and skills working with county officials.

Jeff reported that the signature event coordinator position is awaiting approval by the county commissioners. Melody Dobson and Robbie Carpenter will share the contract position. He hopes to have them working by September 1.

The proposed Lewis and Clark seminar at Rocky Mountain College is postponed due to the medical leave of Victoria Hammond. Jeff will see if there is something we can do to assist. He'd like to see one this fall. He suggested a four week program. The funding for the project is undetermined.

The Montana Tribal Tourism Alliance has a new coordinator, Dyani Bingham. It would cost us $100 to join as an associate member. Doug Habermann moved that we join. Jim Van Arsdale seconded and the motion which carried.

Jeff mentioned that there are several grant opportunities. The National Council has a $10,000 grant for signature events. Melody, Robie, Jim, Terry and Jeff will gather to discuss grants.

The Montana Lewis and Clark Conference will be in Lewistown October 1-3 at the Yogo Inn. Clint discussed some of the planned events. He also mentioned that the Montana legislature will be accepting proposals for a commemorative art work for the west wall of the Senate. It will be dedicated in 2005 as a legacy of the bicentennial.

Terry invited members to the Blue Grass Festival in Red Lodge this weekend.

Dick Kodeski said that the Yellowstone Art Center will host an art walk for the Legacy Campaign on Thursday, October 2.

Melody complimented the Rochejhone Chapter for their work on the airport display of the animals Clark saw on his Yellowstone trip.

The Lewis and Clark license plates provide $20 to the state commission. This money funds a variety of projects. Clint said 12,000 plates were sold in the first 15 months they were offered.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 16.  


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