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Yellowstone County Lewis & Clark Commission
Meeting Minutes
September 16, 2003

Members and guests present: Diane Svee, Jeff Dietz, Armand Lohof, Jim Van Arsdale, Daniel Krum, Sharon Peterson, Robbie Carpenter, Melody Dobson, Darla Bruner, Chuck Cook, Sherman Hubley, Myrtle Hubley, Kevin Kooistra-Manning, Esther Bengston, Dick Kodeski, Howard Boggess, Liz Ching, John Cech and Gary Svee.

Chairman Jeff Dietz introduced a special guest, Kevin Kooistra-Manning.

Jeff mentioned that the National Signature Event Grant is $10,000. Jeff, Robbie and Melody are working on the application. The grant must be used for cultural awareness of Native Americans; culture awareness of blacks or land stewardship as these pertain to the Lewis and Clark expedition. Jeff has sent a draft of the grant proposal to the county for approval. Pompeys Pillar Historical Association will be our 501(c)(3) sponsor. Armand Lohof moved that we apply for this national grant. Chuck Cook seconded the motion which carried. The application is due October 20.

Jeff reported that the final figures for the Pizza Hut promotion aren't available. They think we may receive $2,000. There was a problem with the Pizza Hut auditors and the use of the cards. We didn't receive as much money as Pizza Hut had hoped. They would like to repeat the promotion next summer.

Kevin Kooistra-Manning was asked to report on the Lewis and Clark community meeting which is sponsored by the Celebrate Billings Education Committee (of which John Cech is also a member). The mansfield Center has video feed technology. The meeting will be held October 9 from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. At 8:00 a.m., Robert Archibald, the President of the National Bicentennial Conference will address the meeting. There will be time for questions and answers. At 8:45 a.m., David Borlaug, President of the North Dakota Lewis and Clark Commission will address the group. He will be followed by Rachel Retterath of the North Dakota Tourism Department. Following a break, there will be round table discussions facilitated by members of the Yellowstone County Lewis and Clark Commission. These will provide businesses the opportunity to plan events and volunteer opportunities for the signature event. John Cech added that the Billings Gazette will provide advertising to create interest and attendance. Clint Blacwood plans to attend the meeting. Colleges, museums, cultural partenrs and business owners will be invited. The conference will provide opportunities for communication and will help focus awareness of events. Darla Bruner suggested that we also invite Travel Montana. Others suggested Custer Country and community link members of Pompeys Pillar.

Jeff gave Terry Inderland's financial report. We received a check for $90.13 from the Western Heritage Center. We have 1921 in funds, as well as $43,700 from various grants.

Melody Dobson and Robbie Carpenter reported in their new position as Event Coordinators. They started September 1. They have moved into the Chamber of Commerce. There is a press conference scheduled for September 24 at 10:00 a.m. The purposeis to announce the Chamber housing the office; to announce the new coordinators and to have a ribbon cutting for the new interpretive signs on Clark's trip on the Yellowstone. Robbie and Melody have begun a time table. Melody showed a portable display unit they have created. They have asked Rhonda Harmes from the Chamber to critique the display. Melody said the Chamber has given us a display unit which cost $10,000.

Jeff showed members a copy of the brochure we did with Great Falls for the event at Monticello. We need a new borchure for our signature event. Gary Svee, Sharon Peterson and Robbie Carpenter will serve on the committee.

Jeff went over the agenda for the upcoming conference in Lewistown on October 2 and 3. Registration is $75 (if paid by September 19). Jeff mentioned that there is m oney available to members. Jim Van Arsdale moved that Jeff, Robbie and Melody's motel and registration costs be paid by the commission. Daniel Krum and Myrtle Hubley seconded the motion which passed. Jeff stressed the importance of our meeting with communities in the Yellowstone corridor to coordinate events. On October 2 the Yellowstone Art Museum is hosting the Legacy Campaign.

Myrtle invited members to Stephanie Ambrose Tubbs' presentation sponsored by the Roche Jaune Chapter.

There will be a Yellowstone Bicentennial Commission retreat with representatives from the Bureau of Land Management, Pompeys Pillar Historical Association and the Roche Jaune Chapter to begin a long-range plan for the signature event. The meeting will be held at the Chamber of Commerce. Tenative dates are November 5 or 6. We should also invite representataives from the Crow and Cheyenne tribes, as well as the Montana Tribal Alliance.

Melody reported that the airport signs are in place. Material will be placed on the back of the signs to list events and museums. The committee has planned a rotation of this calendar. The airport donated $1500 to the project.

Howard Boggess reported that the Plenty Coups grant is spent. There funds for brochures to promote the new interpretive information in the museum.

Armand Lohof mentioned that the Roche Jaune Chapter is trying to design a traveling display for events out of state.

Jim Van Arsdale will attend the National Bicentennial Commission meeting October 23 in Nashville. He will get to attend the signature event at the Falls of the Ohio.

Darla Bruner invited members to the Western Heritage benefit dinner on September 25 to hear speaker George Horse Capture. Joe Fire Crow will provide music. The tickets are $75 per person.

Chuck Cook reported that rangers and volunteers from Pompeys Pillar are presenting a program to McKinley Elementary.

Myrtle Hubley reported that the Roche Jaune Chapter has created a speakers' bureau which lists suitable grade levels. She also said that Bruce Wendt is working with School District #2 to bring Bill Barker to locak high schools. She stressed that it is important that students learn about the legacy of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Esther Bengston volunteered at the Clark on the Yellowstone gift shop. She said that there is interest in the books we offer for sale. Daniel Krum said that the Pompeys Pillar Historical Association has sent a letter to the Northern Hotel notifying them that Pompsys Pillar will move out of the store on October 15. There are not plans to open elsewhere, but they may try sales via their website.

Dick Kodeski reported that Pompeys Pillar is open seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. through October 4. Chuck Cook will coordinate school visits and volunteer presenters. They expect 1,000 visitors in September; there are about 2,000 in the spring. The Bureau of Land M anagement is working on a new full color brochure. He also mentioned a change in the passes accepted at the Pillar.

Myrtle Huble added that the Roche Jaune Chapter had an unmanned display at Montana Fair.

The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be October 21.  


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