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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who made this site?

  2. The Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission teamed up with Travel Montana to give Montanans a place to find information about the Bicentennial, information about other Lewis & Clark enthusiasts, as well as travel information. This site, a result of that effort, was designed and created by the Travel Montana Electronic Division and the Montana Bicentennial Commission website staff.
  3. Who has access to this site?

  4. This site is an Intranet site as opposed to an Internet site, meaning it is available to and meant for Montanans and is not widely advertised or available outside of Montana. It can still be accessed by anyone out of state, but the information in it is geared for Montana's planning for the Bicentennial and would not be as beneficial for others. Travel Montana has a Lewis & Clark Internet site available at
  5. How long will this site be around?

  6. This site will continue to grow throughout the Bicentennial. After the Bicentennial, and for as long as it is beneficial to Montanans, the site will continue to be accessible.
  7. Who will be in charge of keeping this site "alive"?

  8. Currently the site is kept up by the Commission with technical support from Travel Montana and will more than likely continue to be updated by these agencies for the rest of the Bicentennial. However, it has not been decided who will continue to update the site after the Bicentennial is over.
  9. Does the Commission support all the resources and events listed on this site and guarantee their validity?

  10. The Commission is not a regulatory agency, and therefore has no authority to inspect the events, resources or businesses listed on this site. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these listings, but some changes may occur. The use of names of private events, individuals, and companies in this site is for browser information only and does not imply endorsement by any state or federal agency, including the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission.
  11. How was the Resource Library made?

  12. Montana is home to a large number of Lewis & Clark enthusiasts and experts. In order to obtain information from these people, the Commission sent out surveys to the Bicentennial Coordinating Groups, Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation Chapters, MTRI Focus Team, Tourism Regions, and Chambers of Commerce around the state asking them to recommend resources in their area for our library. Once the Commission received these surveys back, it in turn sent out a more complete profile survey to those recommended resources. The profile surveys the Commission has received back are listed in the Resource Library. However, these original surveys were simply a starting point in order to get "word of mouth" out about the Resource Library and are certainly not the only surveys the Commission will send out. The Library will continue to grow as long as recommendations continue to come in from any individual or group in Montana.
  13. How do I inform the Commission of a Lewis & Clark resource or event to be listed in the Resource Library or Montana Events?

  14. If you know of a Lewis & Clark resource or event that should be listed in the Resource Libary or Montana Events, simply fill out the Feedback Form, specifying your type of feedback as "Resource Library Recommendation," being sure to include a contact name, mailing address, and phone number. The Commission will mail a profile survey to the contact in order to receive a more complete description of the resource or event.
  15. How are the events that are listed chosen?

  16. In order to be listed in Montana Events, the event coordinator must complete a profile survey about the event and mail it to the Commission. These events are also listed in Travel Montana's site as Lewis & Clark events. The Commission will not list any event which is distasteful, not related to Lewis & Clark or has not completed a profile survey. The Commission does not anticipate implementing an endorsement program; however, you are encouraged to view the Project, Events & Program Standards that were adopted by the commission during their June 2001 meeting. These are recommended standards only and are provided as a guideline to assist in your planning efforts.
  17. How do I become involved in the Bicentennial?

  18. If you are interested in becoming involved in the Bicentennial, the best way is to contact your local Bicentennial Coordinating Group, or Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation Chapter. These groups hold regular meetings with members, plan events, and are taking an active and important role in the Bicentennial planning process.
  19. What if I want to travel the trail?

  20. If you are looking for information on traveling the trail, the best place for information and planning assistance is through Travel Montana. They produce a Lewis & Clark brochure as well as other planning guides. Visit their website at or contact their office at 1-800-VISIT MT (1-800-847-4868) for more information.



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