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Lewis & Clark Trivia

  1. How many Lewis & Clark campsites are located in Montana?

  2. How many miles did Lewis & Clark travel in Montana?

  3. What was the name of the Shoshone Indian woman who joined the Lewis & Clark Expedition at the Mandan Villages in North Dakota?

  4. What was this Indian woman's (answer to question #3) child's "real" name? What was his nickname?
    Answer: Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, who's nickname was "Pomp"

  5. Which two members of the Lewis & Clark Expedition that left the St. Louis area in the Spring of 1804 did not return with Lewis & Clark to that same area at the conclusion of the Expedition in 1806?

  6. From whom did the United States purchase the Louisiana Territory? For how much per square acre?

  7. How many water falls did Lewis & Clark encounter in the Great Falls area?

  8. Which Indian tribe took horses from Captain Clark's men as they traveled along the Yellowstone River in 1806?

  9. What present-day highway in Montana is sometimes referred to as being a part of the "Road to the Buffalo"?

  10. Of the three rivers that form to create the headwaters of the Missouri River near the community of Three Forks, which did the Lewis & Clark Expedition continue to follow in search of the famed "Inland Passage"?










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