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Exhibits/Displays and Artifacts

Exhibits and Displays
Various museums and visitor centers around Montana house Lewis & Clark related exhibits and displays. These informative and creative exhibits and displays are well worth seeing. Listed here is a list of such facilities, their business hours, and descriptions of the exhibit or display they are featuring, as well as, information on whether or not the exhibit or display can be loaned out for other purposes.

A direct look at the Expedition 200 years ago can best be done by taking a look at the supplies, tools, clothes, and other belongings they carried with them. Many of these original pieces are owned by museums, visitor centers, and individuals around Montana. This is a list of such artifacts and where they can be viewed.

Artists have been capturing and recreating the Lewis & Clark Expedition on canvas and paper for years. Paintings of the Expedition, by a variety of artists, exist all around Montana in museums, visitor centers, and private homes. This list of facilities housing these paintings allows for a direct peek at the times and tales of the Expedition.

Another art form that has been used to pay tribute to the Lewis & Clark Expedition is sculpting. An array of sculptures of the Corps of Discovery and the people they met stand around Montana. Listed here are the locations of these beautiful pieces.


Note: The Commission is not a regulatory agency, and therefore has no authority to inspect the events, resources or businesses listed on this site. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these listings, but some changes may occur. The use of names of private events, individuals, and companies in this site is for browser information only and does not imply endorsement by any state or federal agency, including the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission.



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