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Reference Materials

Various maps are available for planning, research and for providing necessary route information while traveling. Listed here are some maps showing highway signage, rest areas, and special routes, as well as, Lewis & Clark route and campsite maps.

Brochures are simple to have around, quick to read, and easy to find. Many groups, companies, organizations, and government entities have made brochures covering everthing from the history of the Expedition to following the trail today.

Books, Magazines, Newsletters & Journals
A very large cross-section of books, magazines, newsletters and journals feature the Lewis & Clark Expedition, in part or in entirety. Many of these authors call Montana their home. This is a listing of some books, magazines, newsletters and journals that may be of interest to you.

As the Bicentennial nears, one of the most popular forms of relaying education and information is through video and listening tapes. There are many documentaries and cassette tapes, produced both locally and nationally, covering the Expedition available for education purposes as well as for pleasure. Another aspect to this resource are a growing number of materials, such as audio tapes and games for children, made to accompany those visitors traveling by car.

Libraries and Museums
While good Lewis & Clark reference materials become more available in various retail outlets, two of the best and most reliable places to still find Lewis & Clark information is in libraries and museums. Many libraries and museums around Montana possess a very good selection of Lewis & Clark related materials, including books, magazines, tapes, videos, and more. This is a list of some specific libraries and museums featuring Lewis & Clark resources.

Suggested Reading List
An absolute avalanche of Lewis & Clark material is sweeping toward us, and the Bicentennial of the Expedition is still several years away! The following annotated reading list of over 25 books and 2 videos attempts to combine the best of the nationally-recognized volumes and videos addressing the Lewis & Clark Expedition with items that are specific to Montana.

The annotations are provided as "helpful hints" only and do not constitute full-blown reviews. Because the Montana Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission periodically will update this listing, your suggestions for additions or corrections are most welcome. Many other very informative readings and videos exist and are worth accessing. The following list is offered to possibly help you "jump start" your search for good, reliable and informative Lewis & Clark material.

In order to help start your search for reliable Lewis & Clark information on the Internet, take a look at the Suggested Links also located in the Related Links section of the site.


Note: The Commission is not a regulatory agency, and therefore has no authority to inspect the events, resources or businesses listed on this site. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these listings, but some changes may occur. The use of names of private events, individuals, and companies in this site is for browser information only and does not imply endorsement by any state or federal agency, including the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission.



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