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Type of Material Video
Title Confluence of Time and Courage
Contact Camera One
Contact Information
8523 15th Ave. NE
Seattle, WA 98115
(800) 726-3456
How to Obtain Materials Video is available for $23.50 by contacting Camera One at the above. Also available from Jack Gladstone, Kalispell, MT 800-735-2965
Description of Materials and/or Exhibits

Journey back 200 years and follow in the footsteps of Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark as they explore the unknown reaches of the wild Missouri River, cross the Rockies, and ride the turbulent waters of the Columbia to the Pacific Ocean. Reenactments bring this remarkable journey to life.

The Army Corps of Engineers chose Executive Productions-Seattle and Camera One to produce this historically accurate film to dispel previous myths and misconceptions of the Expedition. Confluence of Time & Courage correctly portrays the Expedition as a disciplined Army mission to explore the unknown Missouri River and Columbia River basins. Narrated by Jack Gladstone, a Blackfeet Indian from Montana.

"Confluence of Time and Courage" traces the early travels of Captains Lewis and Clark and the Corps for Northwestern Discovery through 17 states. But the journey actually began in the mind of Thomas Jefferson, almost two decades before. Discover the elegance of Jefferson's home, Monticello, near Charlottesville, Virginia. Ride with Meriwether Lewis to the federal arsenal in historic Harpers Ferry. This quaint West Virginia town preserves one of our best views into history.

With special effects, ancient Mandan earth lodges are recreated, buffalo herds once more roam the plains, and teepee villages dot the horizon. View centuries old dances and rituals performed by the Mandan and Hidatsa people. See life in an earth lodge when temperatures outside are 40 below zero.


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