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General Expedition Overview
The Lewis & Clark Expedition is one of the most famous explorations in history and is known and studied world-wide. The speakers in this section are knowledgeable of the overall expedition, and can address various aspects of the 2 1/2 year journey. Topics covered include planning and preparation, personalities involved, and records kept by the expedition.

Natural History
The Expedition recorded a large number of plants, animals, birds, and geographical detail that had never before been chronicled. These speakers give information on the land the Expedition saw and the life they discovered. The topics are plants and fauna, birds, and geography.

Individuals of the Expedition and the People They Met
Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were co-leaders of this famous expedition that literally opened up the western lands to further exploration and settlement. They led a group of dedicated men, and encountered numerous Indian and non-Indian people along the way. These speakers are knowledgeable of the specific individuals that explored the Louisiana Territory such as Lewis, Clark, Sacagawea, Charboneau, and more.

Geographic Area Specific
The locator descriptions recorded by Lewis & Clark are so accurate that over time, virtually their entire route has been mapped. There are many sites along their trail that are well-known today for what Lewis & Clark experienced 200 years ago. The speakers listed here concentrate on a specific site or area of the expedition, such as the Fight Site, the Marias River, the Gates of the Mountains, and more.

The journals that Lewis & Clark and many of their men recorded throughout this journey are among the most prized artifacts of the expedition today. In these journals, they chronicalled the lands, people, plants, and animals they saw; as well as the experiences they had. The journals have been read and interpreted by hundreds (if not thousands) of people since the expedition. These speakers offer their interpretations of the journals to try to locate exact sites, review scientific records, and to better understand and appreciate the day-to-day, more personal side of the Expedition.

Tools, Instruments, and Supplies of the Expedition
Traveling as rapidly as possible along rivers, through plains, and over mountains limited the amount of equipment and supplies the Expedition could carry. They started their journey with the minimum of what they envisioned needing for trade, to make scientific recordings, and to stay alive. These speakers concentrate on the tools, instruments, and supplies of the Expedition.

Expedition Life
The Expedition was without a doubt a hard and challenging experience for the Expedition members. However, humor and music was a part of the Expedition as well. These speakers cover such topics as medical aspects, the humor, the music and entertainment, and the food eaten on the Expedition, and more.

Montana Committee for the Humanities' Speakers Bureau -
The Montana Committee for the Humanities' Speakers Bureau offers communities and non-profit organizations the opportunity to explore ideas and issues through a rich variety of programs. Their roster consists of over sixty humanities-focused public programs your organization can choose from to host in your community. The programs are presented free of charge to the public. The Montana Committee for the Humanities is not only a good resource, but there is a significant number of the Speakers Bureau's programs listed in our resource library and on the above web site which pertain to Lewis & Clark.

Clearwater Snake Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Committee's Speakers Bureau
The Clearwater Snake Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Committee introduces a Speakers Bureau to inform local citizens and organizations of the significance of the Lewis and Clark experience in our region. Learn the unique Nez Perce Tribal perspective of this story. Hear the historical accounts and meet the personalities who blazed a trail that changed our nation forever.


Note: The Commission is not a regulatory agency, and therefore has no authority to inspect the events, resources or businesses listed on this site. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these listings, but some changes may occur. The use of names of private events, individuals, and companies in this site is for browser information only and does not imply endorsement by any state or federal agency, including the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission.



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